20 4 / 2012

At first I thought it was “I’ve got the Light!”

But it could also be “I’ve got the Limes!” (which makes more sense.)


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  2. trumpetego answered: It’s “I’ve got the limes”. Right before that, Nick/Robin says “Then there’s tequila times”.”
  3. itsmeshealee answered: It is “I’ve got the limes!” I thought it was the other at first too! But on their bandcamp, it tell differently. Hope I helped!
  4. o-captain-mycaptain answered: I’ve got the Limes!
  5. secret-rue answered: I’ve got the limes
  6. hufflepuff-hart answered: its limes! thats what the official bandcamp lyrics say
  7. le-pays-des-larmes answered: pretty sure it’s limes as well.
  8. swiftlysherlock answered: limes
  9. mellowchihuahua answered: It is indeed “limes!”
  10. littlemissgirlscout answered: I think it is the 2nd one because he holds up those two circle looking things. (:
  11. milleniathebat answered: I’m choosing to believe the second one now. Yes. Indeed. Good.
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